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Do you have a used trailer you no longer need? Want to update your trailers?

Maybe have new customer needs which mean you need different specs?

Tower Trailer Leasing is interested in your trailers.

Please contact us if you have any trailers you would want to sell. Please provide the following information on the trailer/s you are interested in selling:

Tower Trailer Leasing, LLC buys trailers too!

At Tower Trailer Leasing, LLC, we know that you have a hectic schedule. That's why we offer 24/7 service - so that you and your business can always stay on track, no matter the time of day.

- Type of trailer: dry van, flat bed, reefers, etc.

- Year and make

- Any pertinent specs: swing door, air-ride, aluminum roof, slider or spreader, steel or combo, etc.

- Quantity you want to sell

- Location of the trailers for inspection

Provide the following:

We will ensure you get a good price for your old trailer.

Try giving us a call today to see if we can make a deal.

We will take that used trailer off your hands!

Call today to learn about our customized billing and great financial packages


Keep your rental or lease trailer well-maintained with the help of our maintenance options! Choose the type of maintenance that fits best for your trailer use and lease agreement.