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In the transport and transportation business, mileage is a given. Don't let the wear and tear of your trailer's travels catch up with you - when you rent from Tower Trailer Leasing, LLC, you get access to excellent maintenance anytime. Set up one of our two maintenance programs for your trailer to save money and keep on driving.

Keep your trailer well-maintained

Whether your trailer is experiencing typical wear and tear or your refrigerated van is facing an emergency, Tower Trailer Leasing, LLC is available 24/7 to address your service needs.

Before you commit to your rental / lease trailer and sign up for your maintenance program, take a look at our insurance requirements so that you can stay safe and covered on the road at all times.

We've got you covered

You will pay a per mile fee based on a hubodometer reading. The following items will be covered under the mileage charge, at a shop determined by Tower Trailer Leasing, LLC. Normal maintenance includes:



- Normal wear on brakes, tires, lights, etc.


By billing the miles on a monthly basis, your maintenance costs will flatten out with no big spikes for tire purchases, brake relines, license plates, and more. No damages are covered, including flat tires.

Standard maintenance option

Make your trailer affordable with our customized billing and financing packages!


The customer is responsible for all maintenance under this agreement, including PM/FHWA, tires, and brakes. Under this agreement, the customer pays for tread usage (TWB) at the end of the agreement - the tires are gauged at the beginning of the rental, and the difference is paid when they are gauged at the end.

"NET" maintenance option

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