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If you do prefer to own your trailer to renting or leasing it, Tower Trailer Leasing, LLC  can provide this option as well. We can offer an outright trailer for sale, and we can also provide very competitive financing options so you don’t break your bank. Vans, flatbeds, reefers, and even storage trailers are available at Tower Trailer Leasing, LLC.

Do you prefer to own your trailer instead of leasing it?

Our customized billing options make affording your own trailer easier than ever. Ask us about your options today!

Call for current inventories, and check out our large stock of available rental and lease trailers.


Tower Trailer Leasing is also a great source for you to sell used trailers to. We are interested in used dry vans, flatbeds, and reefers.


Contact Tower Trailer Leasing with the equipment you are interested in selling, and we will give you a price quote on what we would be willing to pay. When calling, be ready with the following:


- Type of trailer

- Year and make

- Quantity of trailers

- Location (for inspection purposes)

- Specifications

- Price wanted

Buy or sell a trailer today

Not ready for the financial commitment of a trailer purchase? With our short-term, long-term, and lease-to-own programs, you can get the trailer you need at a price you can afford by leasing or renting from us today.

Get the service you need for your trailer whenever you need it

Ask us about our financing packages and satellite tracking when you call


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